Unfortunately due to COVID19 we are unable to accept used items at the shelter. Used items can be placed in our Kidney Foundation donation box on site. Items placed in the bin helps families who are in need while the proceeds help Choices with the care of our shelter/residents.

We are still accepting donations of gift cards and non non-perishable food items.



1. Underwear/boxers; all sizes

2. Socks

3. Pajama bottoms; all sizes

4. Shirts (long/short sleeve); all sizes

5. Jeans/pants; sizes 30, 32, 34

6. Deodorant

7. Shaving Cream

8. Body Wash

9. Cologne

10. Shoes/boots; sizes 9-13


1. Underwear; all sizes

2. Bras; all sizes

3. Pajamas; all sizes

4. Deodorant

5. Shaving Cream

6. Body Wash

7. Perfume

8. Tampons/sanitary pads

9. Shoes/boots; sizes 6-9

10. Makeup/makeup bags

11. Hairbrush/flat iron/blow dryer


1. Winter coats (male/female); all sizes

2. Winter boots (male/female); all sizes

3. Hats, scarves, mittens

4. “HotHands” Hand Warmers (to go inside mittens/boots)

5. Insulated travel mugs


1. Backpacks

2. Workbooks

3. Paper

4. Pens/pencils/erasers/highlighters

5. Binders

6. Lunch bags

7. Reusable water bottles

8. Math set

29. Flowers for the front garden

30. Pressure washer/washing (to clean the siding of the Shelter)

31. Window cleaning (outside of windows need cleaned)

32. Eaves trough cleaning (cannot recall when this has ever been done)

33. Air duct/dryer vent cleaning

34. New carpet/laminate flooring for the basement

35. New light fixture (preferably a fan) for the kitchen (closest to the stove)

36. New microwave with fan (the one above the stove does not work)



2. Walmart, Winners, Shoppers Drug Mart, Dollarama

3. Tim Horton’s, Pizza Pizza, Subway, A & W, Taco Bell/KFC

4. Galaxy Cinemas Orangeville

5. Long distance phone card

6. Prepared meals; a wonderful donation of a home cooked meal is always appreciated (we generally make dinner for up to 20 kids per evening)

7. Bus pass for Orangeville Transit Monthly pass = $45 (student rate)10 ride pass = $13 (student rate)




Through our Support-A-Youth program, donors can contribute on either a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Your donation will allow CHOICES Youth Shelter to ensure that essential resources are provided to At Risk Youth.

• $100 a week

• $400 a month

• $5000 a year


1. Bath towels/face clothes

2. Bed sheets/pillow cases; twin size

3. Blankets/comforters

4. Pillows

5. Bath mat/shower curtain/liner

6. Reusable dish clothes

7. Cleaning products; disinfectant wipes, bleach, vinegar, Pine Sol, laundry soap, dryer sheets, dish soap, dish washing detergent

8. Toilet paper, paper towels, boxes of tissues

9. Industrial mop & bucket

10. Broom and dust pan

11. Reusable food containers & plastic storage bags (Ziploc; sandwich and freezer bags)

12. Styrofoam cups/lids

13. Reusable shopping bags

14. Packages of 81/2” x 11” paper (for a printer)

15. Batteries; AA, AAA, 9 volt

16. Light bulbs; indoor and outdoor

17. Arts & Craft supplies; pencil crayons, colored paper, colouring books, etc.

18. Air fresheners

19. Bed sheets (single bed size)

20. Hygiene products for males such as shaving cream, deodorant

21. Halls/honey for sore throats when residents are sick as we cannot provide cough syrup

22. Sugar

23. cleaning supplies (Clorox wipes, Lysol wipes, all purpose spray, comet)

24. 3 Toilet bowl scrub brushes

25. 2 Toilet bowl plungers

26. New lockers (4 per bedroom, 20 in total)

27. Painting services for each of the resident bedrooms (5) for the remaining walls in the basement (we have paint for this), both resident bathrooms (desperately)

28. Lawn maintenance throughout the summer


1. Outdoor brooms

2. Rakes

3. Shovels (for dirt/snow)

4. Lawn mower

5. Weed whacker

6. Leaf bags

7. Bags of salt


1. Bags of milk

2. Sugar

3. Coffee/filters/Tea bags

4. Frozen juice

5. Packages of meat

6. Cereal

7. Pasta sauce

8. Kraft Dinner

9. Canned/frozen vegetables

10. Tuna

11. Soup

12. Assorted spices

13. Ketchup

14. Baking items


1. Summer excursions

2. Gateway Farms Equine Assisted Learning

3. Beach days

4. Hiking

5. Yoga

6. Gas cards for Summer excursions