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Unsure of where you will sleep tonight, tomorrow night or next week... Curious about what supports are in your community. Learn to take care of yourself...Click below!


Thank you to our Donors for helping us provide the support and comforts of a home to young people who have lost theirs. Without you there would be no CHOICES!

Shelter News

It’s that time of year again!!

Our resident have prepared their wish list and are excited for the up coming holidays.

If you are interested in donating please contact our shelter at


-Black Shoes (Women's Size 6.5)



-New Boots (Size 13 Men)

-New Sweaters (Large)

- New Sweaters (Size 3XL)

- Hats (Beanies)

-Slippers (Size 13)

-Track Pants (LG)

-Sweaters/ Shirts (M)

Gift cards

Special thanks to Jessica Medeiros, host of Shop with purpose market, for your generous donation to our shelter.

Huge thank you to TransAlta for you continued support!

Transalta assisted with repairs to our shelter for Day of care.

Great news for Dufferin County!!

We now have a transit system that travels from Dundalk stopping in Shelburne and continuing to Orangeville.

This will allow you to access services in the Orangeville area easier.

Here is the route and ticket reservation links

Thank you to Booklore, authors Jesse Thistle & Genevieve Graham, interviewer Bianca Marais and our community for your generous donations and support!

Thank you to Saidham Foodbank for your generous donation to our shelter.

Sai Dham Canada